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Toy Story Calendar



This Toy Story Calendar is the Perfect Interactive Calendar for Kids! It is ready for you to print and assemble so students can actively learn how to read the calendar at school or at home. This set comes with all you need to teach the months of the year, days of the week, seasons of the year, and celebrate holidays and events.

Students can help to build the calendar each month by adding the month, year, season, days of the week, and days, holidays, and events. As they engage with the calendar they will learn holidays, time awareness, and important life skills.


Printable Calendar
Laminator and lamination sheets
Velcro or sticky tack (I used Square Velcro-affiliate link and cut them into 4 pieces).
Scissors, square paper punch, and/or paper cutter
1.  Print out the calendar. Laminate the calendar template. Cut out the calendar pieces, laminate them, and then cut them out again. I used a square paper punch to cut out all the squares and it went pretty fast.
2.  To assemble the calendar stick a piece of Velcro on each spot on the template using the Velcro adhesive. Make sure to use the same side of the Velcro (fuzzy side or prickly side). Then stick the opposite side of Velcro on each calendar piece.
3.  Stick Velcro on the template to connect the two pieces together. In the printable I added an extra calendar day row for the months that need extra rows

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