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Please take some time to look at the terms of service below. This concerns the usage of this site; the free, linkware graphics posted at this site; and public.

♥ Absolutely NO direct-linking (linking the graphics somewhere outside of xquisitekisses.com). I will not tolerate bandwidth theft. Upload your graphics on your own site or somewhere like ImageShack.
♥ Graphics are free and meant to be linkware, meaning that you should give visible and appropriate recognition/thanks (with a link back) to the person who designed the graphic. Or at least provide a link back to XquisiteKisses.com, for where you found the graphic.
♥ The graphics provided here are for your own personal, nonprofit use. You may not resell the graphics or use them for commercial purposes.
♥ The site’s layout and avatars used in updates are NOT there for you to take. Other Graphics section are for the taking.
♥ Redistributing is not allowed, unless you’ve been given permission to do so.
♥ Do not harass, threaten, spam, hatemail, or flame me, at XquisiteKisses.com. If you want to complain about something, then do it in a “mature” way and use the contact form to let me know why you are angry.

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