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 Name: Crystal Gayle  Location: Hawaii, USA  Birthday: August 4th

At first I'm shy and quiet, but get to know me more and you'll see that I am very friendly and outgoing. I'm a kid at heart and still have all of my stuffed animals from when I was younger. Thinking about the future makes me nervous, so I try to live in the present. A lot of things annoy me, and if I were to make a list of all of my pet peeves, it would go on for pages. I am obsessed with hello kitty and cute things.


internet, hello kitty, rain, listening to music, blue, sleeping in, strawberries, Christmas, drawing,ice cream cake, love the outdoors.


spiders,people who wear way too much makeup, being left out, talking on the phone, people who smoke around me, people who can't take a joke,close minded people, bad spelling and grammar, fake orange tans, racism

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