To the Girl who tried A Little Too Hard For The Wrong Relationships

I prefer to inform you it’s admirable how a whole lot you strive for people you care about. I admire how much you make investments in people and what you’re inclined to give. I think it’s a really redeeming quality how you soar into things both feet first with all of your heart.

You see the best in everyone even the people that others look past. The ones who are jaded and complicated. The ones you think you can fix. But it’s the people you think you can alternate are the ones that cause you harm the most. It’s those people who are going to take everything you give until you have nothing left and then they walk away with it and you’re the one that feels broken.

I want to say being the way you are you’re going to solely see excellent relationships. But you’re going to see a lot more horrific ones earlier than you see good ones.

You’re going to see people who mess with your head and you’re going to analyze it thinking it’s something you are doing wrong. They are going to be the human beings who answer texts three days later. The ones who appear to care like it’s something they can switch on and off. It’s going to be the human beings who blow up your newsfeed then ignore you.

The ones who drop in and out of your life like they have a right to.
You’re going to see a lot of people who inform you what you prefer to hear due to the fact they have motives that are unkind. And they’re only thinking of one thing. You’re going to have a lot of bodily relationships with people however what’s going to lack is the emotional connection that simply isn’t there. And that’s not something you can force.

And you’re going to keep trying and you’re going to keep caring due to the fact that’s who you are. You don’t do casual or emotionless due to the fact that’s now not who you are. Even the incorrect people are going to get the nice of you.

Then when it comes to committing a lot of them won’t. You’re going to analyze your self and choose apart your flaws wondering if you are to blame for someone’s lack of ability to be what you need, while you try really hard to play the role of what someone wants.
There are going to be moments where you lose yourself pretending to be what they choose you to be rather of being who you are.

I want they didn’t make you feel like it’s a terrible issue to care the way you do. But unfortunately, it’s era that doesn’t keep true to your same values.

I’m going to ask you to not change that. Even when you come across people who look at you and think you’re crazy for some of the requirements and some of the things you believe in. They are going to attempt and make you feel wrong when in reality it’s them.

They are going to try and force you to settle. And there are going to be moments where you do settle for less than you deserve. There are going to be a few toxic relationships where people aren’t nice. And I know it’s going to hurt a lot.

You’re going to do backflips for some people trying to be enough. You’re going to fall in love with people who don’t deserve that affection and effort. And a lot of them won’t reciprocate all you have to supply because it’s different. You’re different.

Everyone is used to being used and taken advantage of and watching someone give expecting something in return. You being authentic and kind and giving without desiring anything in return is admirable. And I know it’s gonna harm sometimes. And I know you’re going to cry your self to sleep a lot. I know you’re going to choose yourself apart making an attempt to be better.

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But you have to realize you are better.

You are better than the guys who just use you for sex.

You are better than the guys who simply use you emotionally.

You are better than the guys who lie to you and tell you what you want to hear making guarantees they’ll by no means keep.

You are better than the guys who can’t commit.

You are better than the texts that don’t get answered and the games they love to play.

You are better than the humans who keep you waiting.

You are higher than the people who leave.

You develop emotionally attached and think you need people but it’s them who wants you and a lot them won’t realize it till you walk away and it’s too late.

But I ask you not to change even when you’re hurting.

Because one day you’re going to meet someone who teaches you, you’re enough. One day you’re going to meet someone and everything you’ve done for others is going to come back to you. One day you’re going to cross paths with someone who makes you recognise how exceptional you are and you’ll start to see yourself thru his eyes. And you won’t look at your flaws or the things you wish you should change. Because to him you’re going to be perfect.

You’re going to meet someone who doesn’t take you for granted or use you for sex but teaches you what sex in a relationship should be. He’s gonna be someone who doesn’t preserve you as some secret but shows you off to everyone. He’s gonna be someone who meets you halfway. And when that happens it’s going to feel a little bizarre at first due to the fact I know you aren’t used to getting what you give however that’s precisely what you deserve.

He’s going to be someone who answers your texts rapidly and needs to see you as much as you want to see him. He’s not going to cancel on you or leave you standing somewhere alone as you put on a courageous face even though you are hurting.
Being the way you are you’re going to get hurt however that’s part of it. One day you’re going to love once more and it’s going to be right and you’re going to be sure and you’re going to wake up next to someone who makes you experience like you never had been broken. Because he doesn’t treat you that way.

If I could tell me youthful self and every other girl like me something about the relationships you engage in, until you discover the right one, don’t strive so hard. Don’t damage yourself loving so deeply. Don’t assume you have to do the whole thing to make the relationship work. Don’t pick out the incorrect people. But then I realize these relationships needed to happen.

Those awful relationships that made me fall to my knees are going to be what teaches me to admire the right one. And for each awful relationship and each night I cried myself to sleep and how much it hurt, that’s how much better it’s gonna be.

I would say don’t change even if it hurts to be the way you are because one day it’s no longer going to hurt anymore and one day it’s all going to come again to you everything you invested in those people who didn’t deserve it.

And you’ll realize it used to be them who didn’t deserve you.

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