Difference between Having Sex and Making Love

There is a massive difference between having sex and making love. Some will say, “No, there one and the same”. You may hear, “ You can’t have one with out the other”. Then there is always. “Who cares, the out come is the same.” I trust there is a difference in my opinion and a huge one. Sex takes little thought and little time. Sex is like having no emotional ties or commitments, you can go on to the next individual if you wish. You fall into this pattern of “Lets just do it and get it over with”, attitude and nothing else matters. Where is the love, the spontaneity, the passion? Most of the time people are only thinking of them of themselves and their needs.

Making love is like a painting a beautiful masterpiece. Your creation takes time, thought, effort, and love of labor, not labor of love. You put your heart into it and pour your soul all over it. It’s a spiritual ride, two souls connecting, two thoughts forming into one. A journey into ecstasy. Your mind is being made love too as well as your body, heart and soul. It takes sweet, sweet time. There is no hurrying, no speeding to fulfillment. Making love is like eating a excellent meal. You savor each bit of it. Each touch is a little piece of heaven. You don’t rush through, you enjoy the delectable extraordinary spices you taste in each bite.

To frequent we associate sex with making love, lumping them together, “Well if I’m having sex, then I’m making love to my partner”. If you haven’t been taught the distinction between the two, then you are going to have that type of thinking mentality. Sex is, one, two, three, its over. Making love is four, five, six, we go on for hours. Sex is, “OK, that’s all?” Making love is, snuggling up with your partner later on and feeling as if you’ve died and “gone to heaven”. Complete, absolutely sated. You drift off into a peaceful bliss understanding your in love and it wasn’t just sex. That’s the difference, it’s an emotional bonding, not just a casual occurrence.

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